Beyond Customer Journeys

"Most of the companies we work with have now adopted customer journeys, but there hasn't necessarily been the big impact on the business that they expected. Can you talk about how to move beyond customer journey's with design?"

"Yes!" was my enthusiastic response to WebMD Ignite, my first keynote speaking engagement last week in Denver Colorado. While my session with CEOs and CMOs across the health care space lasted only an hour, it was incredible to be able to draw on lessons and stories across technology, banking, retail and health care to re-ignite excitement for a human-centered approach to business growth and innovation.

A customer journey is simply an artifact, a deliverable that comes from the world of design. So often the tool is taken from design and adopted by well-intentioned consultants, but the even more important empathetic and creative spirit is left behind. The engaged conversations during and after the talk were a strong reminder that this Chief Design Advising phase of my career is so desperately needed. So many companies are in need of the strategic practice of Design, and I am now free to work with many organizations instead of just one at a time!

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The other beautiful thing that happened last week is that I literally received the first 30 proofing copies of my book just a few hours before flying from London to Denver, as WebMD Ignite had asked if they could buy a copy of the book for each participant in my session. An unexpected energy was unlocked from seeing the book in physical form: from the joy of my daughter getting the first look at the book (she is featured on page 127 :), to signing the first copy for my fiancé (who inspired me to write in the first place), to the request for book selfies after the keynote.

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The energy continued as I stayed as a guest in Denver with a former design colleague and his wife (who just happens to also be a book cover designer!). It all culminated in imagining a book launch event in London at an epic design location, and some new cover design directions. More to come on that and a pre-order link - I'd love your feedback!

Stay uplifted,

// dan

Dan Makoski, Chief Design Advisor