Let the mentoring begin!


Hello Uplifting Design Crew!

This week's update is about the launch of my coaching and mentoring calendar. I've blocked out 5-6PM every week day to have 30 minute sessions with the VPs I'm mentoring to the CDO level. I tried to find a time that works best across the global geographies of my network, but if this time doesn't work for you just send me an email at dan@uplifting.design and we'll figure something out! Otherwise, grab time with me here:

Also, I'm getting the first 25 hard cover proofing copies of my upcoming book Uplifting Design printed tomorrow. They will be popped into a suitcase as I fly to the US on Wednesday for my first speaking engagement with the Washington Speakers Bureau. The client is the original internet medical and health care innovator, and the books will be personally signed for their top clients. More to come on that on Friday's LinkedIn update...